Louvre Timber & Plastic Shutters In Mandurah

Louvre Shutters

If you want to furnish your house with wooden floors and lots of other woodwork because you love the tinge of nature it provides your home, then timber shutters are the way to go if you want something for your windows.

Timber shutters Mandurah will protect your home in a very stylish way by creating a physical and a visual barrier with the outside world. Timber shutters are classy and are mostly used in homes, restaurants and cafés. They give the building a very chic look which is almost always wanted by the owner.

Construction and Working:

First of all, the perfect kind and quality of wood for every section is selected. Frame and mounting options are considered. The window is measured; three measurements are taken horizontally and vertically. For square windows, diagonal measurements are taken into an account. Standard sized of shutter slats are available, but custom made shutters require dimensions. Most of the shutters are supplied as disassembled kits. After the frame has been assembled, the frames are placed in the opening. Frame should be positioned square and level. Continuous packing should be used to provide 1-2 mm clearance for shutters on all sides. Sometimes frames have to be built on the site and then jambs are fixed in place through any packing that has been used. If the frame has already been built on site, fix the hinges to the shutters. Hold the shutters at right angles and fix the hinges with the frame. Make sure the clearances are correct.

Types of Shutters available in Mandurah:

The shutter configuration can be full height or a tier-on-tier layout to provide variations in openings, or café style, which covers the bottom part of the window only. Double bi-fold layout is by far the most popular. Louvers can be of many types and depend on the size of the shutter.

There are exterior and interior wooden shutters and many designs to choose from. There are louvers styles, panel styles, board and batton styles and Bermuda styles.

Benefits of Louvre Shutters:

Timber shutters will give you all of it

  • Beautiful look
  • Light control
  • Natural airflow
  • Insulation, to some extent
  • Reduce furniture and flooring fade
  • Maintain your privacy.
  • Give color and class to the architecture of a home.

Best quality Timber:

Timber Shutters Mandurah are made from high quality less expensive timber wood material. They are affordable and reliable. All the wooden material is dried and smoothen to prevent wraps, rots and chips. These procedures make them strong and the perfect options for shutters.

The chances of the appearance of grains on wood are very low; hence you will have a permanently smooth finish in the end.

Great variety of colour coatings and stains:

Numerous timber stains and superb colours are available for the timber shutters. The customers can choose from a huge range of colour patches. Custom coloured timber shutters are also a perfect choice form house décor and safety.

Frame and Mounting options available in Mandurah:

A wide range of beautiful frames, all in different shapes, are available according to the recent market. The installation procedure is quite easy and hassle free. The T-post and frames are also supplied in beaded and plain finishes.


Above all, the timber shutters are non-toxic and child safe. The paints and stains are free of harsh chemicals, which makes them harmless.


Industry: Blinds

Product: Louvre Shutters

Suburb: Mandurah WA 6210

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